Joint exhibition of Euro-me, Mimatic, VB and Baublies on CCMT 2016

Source : Euro-me Shenzhen Trade & Development Co., Ltd.    Time : 2017-02-15    Hits : 4751

     Our company Euro-me unites three brands that we represent Mimatic Germany, VB Switzerland, and Baublies Germany to take part in China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2016 in shanghai New International Expo Centre. In this fair, Mimatic has showed angle heads, driven tool holders, circular milling tools, reaming tools, etc. VB has present DockLock zero-point clamping system, K5000 modular clamping system and 5X vise, etc. Baublies has showed single-roller burnishing tools, multi-roller burnishing tools, diamond burnishing tools,etc. Our three brands have attracted many visitors and made a good number of substantive cooperative intentions by its advanced products and wonderful presentation.

    Established in 1974, Mimatic specifies in develop an d produce angle heads, driven tool holders,  circular milling tools, reaming tools, etc, which are widely applied in automation, machining, and wood processing. In machining, Mimatic is recognized universally as a solution with strict quality control requirements.
    Established in 1957, VB is well-known supplier of high-performance tools and clamps in Europe. In 1995, VB has launched advanced DockLock zero-point clamping system which owned a mass of famous users. DockLock zero-point clamping system uses patented chuck with good stability, great locking force and repeated positioning accuracy <0.002mm. This can help workpiece quick positioning and clamping and play an important role in CNC and automotion.

    Established in 1968, Baublies is an earliest company in developing and producing burnishing tools. The main products are: single-roller burnishing tools, multi-roller burnishing tools, diamond burnishing tools,etc.

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